Friday, January 25, 2008

Clover Delight

Clover Delight $45
Clover Delight as the name implies themed with clover leaves which is believed to bring you good luck with the vibrant colours. I also hope that it can cover you happily throughout a delightful year. Note Clover stitch charm is one and only piece that I have. So no remakes possible. Grab it while its available.
As shown on the pictures, swarovski red/pink donut crystals used, handmade clay square beads by Ade and roundelles by Charlene, clover leaves, clover stitch pendant and tassle. The length of this piece is meant to be short and around the chest so that it will jolly well match with you lovely dresses!!
Rhodium chains and toggle used. Approx: 23inches (full length of chain), 3inches (pendant)
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Anonymous said...

hello, am enquiring about the clover you have an extra of it? i might want to customise it into a hp keychain email me at back! :)

CandyPixie said...

Hi dear,

very sorry that this charm was bought sometime back I was overseas. Its the one and only. thanks!