Friday, April 4, 2008


Tiara $89 (SOLD)
Tiara was taken at different angel to show you how it really looks like. I have been working on this necklace (solely this!) for the past 2 days. Basically, I wanted to present something which is long with entangled feeling and also a matching pendant with it. The shorter pendant is of a choker length. I make, cut, re-adjust to fulfill my desire for it to be. This necklace can be worn separately too. But, personally, I would prefer it to be worn as a set as it is designed to be. I had wanted to bring it to MAAD, this weekend but somehow, I feel I should post it up here today :)
Though pricer than my usual collection, it is definitely worth the value as I had used different types of chains, claybeads, imported charms and swarovski materials. It is trendy and versatile, the chains even if it is very dangling state, it will look even sweeter, somehow it is just how it should be. It is a new style which I am trying.
Tiara consists of imported charms, swarovski pearls, claybeads, clay pillows by Ade, rhodium chains and toggle, rhodium butterfly, imported flowers, czech blings, vintage flower and cameo (from Japan)

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