Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just an update to avoid some confusion, Petals can actually use their credits to offset any of the items listed in my blog. However, other promotions cannot be used together with the promo here. thanks! enjoy this mini update for today.

Jace's Dreams $38 (SOLD)

FOC Registered Postage

Jace's dreams of wearing a ballerina suit, dancing gracefully in the ballroom. She held her apron with rose in her way of expressing love to the world. This is one of my new claydoll which arrived few days ago. simply cant resist and definitely more designs will be up very soon.

She consists of handmade clay pillows (charlene), butterfly & ballerina suit charms, handmade claydoll and brass wirings.

14k gold plated chains, clasp and tarnish resistent wiring used. Wirings are glossed with a layer of finishing to protect the design. Approx: 13inches (chains), 2.1inches (pendant)

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