Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweetheart Bracelet $29 (SOLD)

FOC Registered Postage

Lovely sweetheart chocolate heartshape charm! A lovely bracelet that will outshine your wrist.

She consists of newly imported sweetheart charm, swarovski blings, czech pearls, fabric flower, vintage flora, claypillows, 14k gold chains and toggle. Approx: 6.8inches (let me know if any adjustment is required during order)

To order, place a comment with your email addy or email me at
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wenna said...

Hi, I'm interested in this bracelet. Any chance of remaking?

CandyPixie said...

Hi wenna,

There is no remake of any items in this collection. Very sorry about that. However, I still have the materials and I would be happy to customize something just for you.
Pls email me if you will be interested ya.

thanks and lotsa love

wenna said...

Hi Valerie

I love the idea of customization. I'm a clay bead lover... will be delighted if my piece comes witha clay bead. Your past works eg. Ruilleanne, Trish are some that I like. This sweetheart bracelet is so sweet too. Pls let me know on how to make payment. Do I pay before make the bracelet? or wait till we see the output? Hope to hear from you soon.

CandyPixie said...

sure no prob. abt that. can you leave your email or email me at