Monday, September 29, 2008

Hi everyone, I will back at Clarke Quay this weekend to meet up my friends, supporters and you! Please pop by if you are nearby there to say "hello". I hope to meet up with you with my new collections, designs and more... I hope to see your faces as I would be bringing new designs, surprises and limited edition items each time....

Note in your calendar today! 03 & 04 October 2008

Pardon me for any late reply as I had been down with serious flu the past week. I had been sick on the bed for 4 days and were not able to craft or reply email. However, I am back up with a slight recovery and will start to craft from today. It may take longer than usual to reply emails and send out mails and I would really appreciate your great patience and understanding.

6pm till midnight...
Weekends Excitement and Fun!!!

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