Friday, October 17, 2008

Releasing this pretty pair due to a buyer who had not make payment even after email reminders. We would sincerely seek your help by making prompt payments as it would be disappointing to us to wait and no replies. Please review payment details available on the left sidebar. If there is any problems, pls feel free to inform us in advance rather than let us wait.

Be early tommorrow as update as usual :) *winks** Good day gals!!

thanks so much in advance!

Classic Earrings PT104 $28 (SOLD)
FOC Registered Postage

For those who loves my classic series. This is something different. I always hope to give a different feel for every piece and I hope you will like it.

Consists of onyx teardrop, czech beads, heartshape pearl bead, imported carved rose, czech mini drops, 14k gold tassle and swarovski pearl.

14k gold earrings used. Approx: 2.2inches (excludes earring hooks)

To order, place a comment with your email addy or email me at


May said...

hi, I've sent u emails to apologise for the late payment as my grandpa passed away n i was busy at the wake therefore, i overlook the payment. Payment was made the next day but u didn't reply my email til now. In total i've sent 4 emails after that. If it is sold to someone else den if refund me the money. Thank u. Sorry for all the inconvenient cause.

CandyPixie said...

Hi May,

No problem It is still available and thank you for leaving a comment. I had contacted you about this already.


May said...

hi valerie,
I've sent you a email on fri after my grandpa's wake to apologise for late payment. I was very busy at the wake therefore, i overlook the payment. Payment was made on sat n an email was sent but still u didn't reply, on sun night i sent another email but u still didn't reply. If the item was sold to another buyer den pls kindly do a refund. I apologise for the inconvenient cause.

May said...

hi valerie,
Thank u for your understanding.