Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newly handmade clay letterings by my friend....If you like these clay letterings and would like to customize something for yourself, friend, girlfriends, boyfriends, do enquire within today! Limited letterings available so its whilst stock last. You can request for a name customization either in hp blings, necklaces, bracelets, bag charms and more ....haha! These are great as special gifts for your love ones...


Angie $40 (SOLD)
FOC Registered Postage

An extremely sweet piece. especially for those who love sweet stuff. I love the letterings!!!!
This is something that I had wanted to do hmmm since last year but halt till last month or so... Angie follows the lettering Angel on this piece. Consists of handmade claydoll, handmade clay letterings, butterfly charm, czech pearls, vintage flowers...
Rhodium chains and clasp used.

To order, place a comment with your email addy or email me at

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