Sunday, November 23, 2008

Know what? I went to the Music Monster Festival concert last night. Below post has nothing got to do with jewelry. Here's something to share on the fun that was casted during the Music Monster Festival featuring Energy and Lollipop aka Bang Bang Tang.

It was a really great fun night as all their fans were screaming to the top of the lungs, yelling and cheering for their idols. Well, I was there, invited and given the opportunity to watch the music monster festival entertaining performances by Energy & Lollipop. Hey man, know how it feels like being at the front of the gates? It was an undescribable night. If you had been to any concert, oh yea yea.... it would be that kind of feelings. It was a night of snap, snap, snap and snap, yells, screams and laughter. Below are some of the shots that I taken during Music monster festival concert......

Enjoy viewers!

this wasnt very well taken but just nice when it was on my hp....

One of my favourite pic taken for this new boys group as they poses after a song @@

Music Monster Festival. Below are some of the individual pictures of different members of Lollipop group that I had managed to snap.

Finally know some of their names of this new group. From left: wei lian and ah wei

Cool! Group picture for Lollipop at Music monster festival

Prince aka 王子

This guy handsome huh?

Somehow this pic appear in my cam without me knowing lolz....took too many pictures and the whole night was like snap....snap....snap...snap

My favourite group of the two is of course Energy. haha maybe they belong to my generation...

This is super cool man! I was so excited to capture this. Really nice considered my lousy cam. After their fast song and their group pose. Energy YEaH!!!!

Group photo. Left is the new member xiao gang...and the rest well you know them....

A happy Kunda posing...

A di

Did you realize that most pics are A di or Kun Da? lolz because they were standing in front of me most of the time. And KD was very sweet to be posing in front of my cam. But I feel that my stupid cam wasnt in the right state of mind last night. so slow and out of battery later. luckily it came to low batt after energy finishes their songs. KD was standing right in front of me and I was so happy to be able to take good pics of him.


Well that's about all. This is a rather long and dragging post. For those who are fans of Energy and lollipop, hope that you enjoy viewing the pictures of your favourite idol. The pictures werent manipulated so as to remain the actual ambience of the Music Monster Festival Concert Performance.

My sweetie babes, i would be posting new design soon...oh ya gotta rush more items for upcoming events. Please stay tune while I would be back for more updates.

For customization, there would be a longer than usual delay as I had been filled with more assignments, orders and of course daily office work. thank you so much for the patience. Greatly appreciated it. Thank you


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