Thursday, January 22, 2009


We would be away for a short trip from 23 Jan till 01 Feb 09. During this period, emails enquiries/orders will still be in service. Mailings can only be done after that week.

**I would be bringing my tools and beads along with me, seeking for some festive inspiration which I am on holidays.** Please do stay tune so as not to miss any~~

For now, we hope that it would be another fruitful year for everyone with more opportunities, great health, good fortune and wealth. For students, wishing all to excel in their studies and to score flying colours in your exams in the coming year.

Last but not least, Petalthots would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone which had been in one way or another showed love and care to this growing passion. Though its never enough by saying just "thanks" know what it means....we express our appreciation to all our customers, friends and all...... Arigato!

Enjoy your holiday while staying tune to our updates after the CNY. Catch us up with our updates till then. Do join our mailing list if you do not wish to miss any of these.


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