Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi everyone,

Im back with updates, a new collection. Please do stay tune for more this week....

Note: Mailings would be done on Saturdays due to work commitment. However, if I can mail before that, i would keep you gals updated. thank you

Peach Blossom $40
FOC Registered Postage

This is a very cheery necklace. consists of peach and the sunny flowers and stars.

a short necklace consists of imported peach cabocon, star charm, tourmaline teardrops, swarovski butterflies crystals, imported stack floras, heartshape rosequartz, pink glass beads, rose filigree.

14k gold chains and clasp used. Approx: 11inches (one-sided measurement)

To order, place a comment with your email addy or email me at

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