Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good morning all, welcome back to jewelry heaven and to all new visitor, thank you for popping by. Please browse around using our navigator on the left and for any enquiries, please feel free to email to itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg

(behind Orchard Cineleisure)
18-19 September 2009
4pm - 10pm
Discounts of 10% for all purchases + 70% discount for 3rd lowest price item. See ya!

lots of new designs, creations, existing designs and more...
If you wish to have a try on the necklaces/bracelets or view the actual earrings itself, do make the trip @@ Orchard Scape Youth Park.
**sorry for the lack of updates...as most of you know that I am also working full-time aside to Petalthots creations and hence the reason to slower updates. Nevertheless, thank you so much for all the patience and care all these while and we really hope that you will continue to support us. :)
Love, Valerie

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