Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I ever need to give you another name, I would call you Angel. You are an angel in my life, bringing me smiles, happiness, joy though anger at times or hmm. ...most times haha you are still my angel. That is parenthood life and I realized that I had been a mummy for nearly 2 years. I didnt realize it till today someone asked me. One of my colleague said how long did you have this dog? I am surprised with my answer too! At the blink of an eye, its been two years, life would not have been happier without you.
Whenever I run out of inspiration, Meepo is always there for me, cheering me up and giving me a pat on the back. Meepo is a cheerful and active boy, neverending enthusiasm. Friends who have seen meepo love him to bits. He is really a cute cute lovely boy...

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