Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey you! yes its you. look here ya!! thanks for visiting Petalthots again! Mummy had been superb duber busy with work and she has no time to upload her stuff for now.

Welll I am doing this part time, helping Mummy Valerie to post her handmade and delicate items here. Please support this little effort by Mummy Valerie and Little Meepo okies? Slurps!

The most recent items are below. if you would like to own them, please drop me an email at, attention to Meepo! For now if you see this advert and attention to me, Mummy has agreed to give a 30% discount off the original price. Oh its 30% off the ORIGINAL PRICE! meaning if item is $30, you pay only$27! Plus you get safe and comfort delivery (FOC Local registered mail). The items will be wrapped sweetly and comfortly in a bubbly wrapping (box or wrapper) to your homie.

That's all for now and please stay tune. I will help Mummy post more items later.

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