Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Sad Story of Wander The Abused Stray

Have you read about Wander? The poor dog which were hit repeatedly with metal chains by a foreign worker. It is a inhuman and cruel act which caused this little life to be hurt and painful. We cant imagine the pain and sufferings that Wander is going through now. Nevertheless, Wander is a strong and kind little dog who has the strength and kind heart towards still for human beings and never gave up her life. Her condition is very critical now and still needs to be monitored and quarantined in the shelter. I went there on Monday and glad to see that Wander seems to be recovering but her condition is not yet stable.

I am trying to accumulate donations for Wander's medical bills through the sale of my handmade jewelries. Once $100 is accumulated, I would pass this amount to the shelter. A receipt would be as proof.

To read more about Wander, please click:!/album.php?aid=260682&id=312804877843

Pictures taken with credit from Mdm Wong Shelter

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