Sunday, July 24, 2011


PJ-1475 Fleur Golden Stream $80

I almost make it mine. Really love the orangy colour of this extremely delicate lovely topaz semi-precious stone. It is of super high grade.
I uses carved roses from Japan, semi-precious stones (citrine, topaz, clear quartz), freshwater pearls and 24k gold plated earring studes with flora designs from Korea.
Do note that all components and wires used are of gold-filled materials.
To order, email to

PJ-1476 Flower Wand $22

A flora pair of earrings and magical too!
It consists of pink flowers, magical wand, roses and mother of pearl teardrop.

Rhodium earring hooks used. To order, email to

PJ-1481 Night Glitters $35

This is a gothic and classy pair which allows the night to shine on you. Be the star!
It consists of US imported charms, moon glittering teardrop shape charm, lapis lazuli semi-precious teardrop stone, pearls and rusty roundelles semi-precious bead.

To order, email to

PJ-1478 Lyndee $25

A sweet flora pair. It consists of intricate roses, freshwater pearls, wirings, and quartz butterflies beads.

14k gold plated chains and earring hooks used. To order, email to

PJ-1479 Mermaid Aroma $26

A feminine and pretty piece. It consists of mermaid in a round loop staring at a beautiful natural pink topaz semi-precious stones. On the other side is a ribbon with a white frame charm.

Rhodium earring hooks used. To order, email to

PJ-1480 Mystic Keys $25

This is a pettie yet vintage pair. It is made of wirings, with swarovski pearls, vintage flowers, black onyx teardrop stone and key charm.

High quality brass earring hooks from Korea.

To order, email to

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