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Champagne color dresses always gives an elegance of warm, precious and silky. The shine reflects a simplicity elegance and it is will be extremely beautiful if the dress is simply champagne color only. It is a hot trend fashion, be it at weddings, dinners or function. It is sweet as the as beverage will tastes.

So what actually matches a dress like this? Or what would you wear to go with your champagne color clothes? Below are some examples.
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It does matter what kind of shape, size of the jewelry that you go with your champagne clothes. Normally people will go it with pearls, pearls of different tones and color. Reaso

n is being simple, pearls produces a similar texture of silkiness, shine and because of the color. If you think that pearls are out of fashion and you would not like to wear pearls, try making it with different color tones, shapes and size? Look at the picture extracted below. There are various sizes, colors and tones for pearls. There are also different ranges, from swarovski, freshwater and mother-of-pearl. My personal take is freshwater pearls or swarovski, for the shapes and ranges.

Being a jewelry maker/ designer, I will customize or design a set with pearl elements, pearl as the main theme as a contrast for the entire dress. Pearls are pretty and nice to use parts in jewelry designing but we should not overuse it. It may turn out to make the entire item to be boring, to

o normal or does not stand out on its own. I normally imagine myself as my customer who are wearing the dress/top. WIth my champagne color dress on, I will want my jewelry set to be outstanding and be the centre of attraction. Well, my jewelry set must be unique, exquisite and must be able to stands out on its own and not relying on the dress to make it unique. But of course, do not forget the color combination. The design of the jewelry gotta be unique and different. If you can accept bold, go for something that is more elaborate and bold. You can even consider adding a twist of wire elements with it. Wiring elements can make the design distinctive and unique. Take a look at our "Something to Consider"

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