Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hey sweeties,

I will be at MAAD this weekend (5&6 Jan 08). yea, I will be back there with more pretty trinkets! If you do not want to miss any, drop by:

ONE OFF EXCLUSIVE PIECES!! *no remakes* @@@


28 Maxwell Road, (former traffic police hq)

5&6 Jan 08 (Sat & Sun)

From 11am - 7pm

Mode of payment: Cash

Note: For those who had reserved items with me, I will be bringing the items there for sale as well.

To order, place a comment with your email addy or email me at itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg
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Anonymous said...


Previously, I bought a necklace with you, can't remember what is it named.

The thing is, the chain actually broke, and I was wondering if it is possible for me to bring it down at your stand this weekend to fix it up?

CandyPixie said...

Hi, yes I can repair for you. Can I know where did you purchase it? Is it during events or thru email? I wont be bring down materials so I would need to know which chain is that.


Anonymous said...

I bought it during one of your events, at Far East Square. I think you were with Felt In Love at that time.

It has golden chains and ballerina charm...

Great, so I will just hope down later. See you!

CandyPixie said...

hi gal, I have quite a handful types of gold chains. I would need to know which is the one you had bought.


Anonymous said...

Found the name in your archive...