Monday, January 14, 2008

Trinsi Necklace

Trinsi $38 (SOLD)

Trinsi is a sophisticated lady with elegant characteristic. She brings out a feminine and sweetie impression to others.

A pretty cameo imported from Korea with lady-like kinda design. Wired around with butterflies, swarovski teardrop crystals, flowers and bell flowers. If you like my wirings works, you would love this as I love it myself too! Its one of my favourite wiring works piece. :)

Rhodium chains and toggle used. Wires used are non-tarnishing and glossed with a layer of finishing. Approx: 14.2 inches (chains), 2.2 inches(pendants)

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Anonymous said...

hello! are u still selling this piece?


CandyPixie said...

Hi there, this piece is sold. Al trinkets shown in my blog are one of a kind, depend on the materials available. For this unique cameo, there is no remakes available. :)

Please view under "available" to see what are the designs still available. Please stay tune for more designs :)