Sunday, February 17, 2008

Milliea ~ 2 in 1 pendant

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Had not been feeling quite well for the past few days but am ok now and made some pretties. More wirings works in this collection. Enjoy ya!

oh ya...more wiring works coming up soon....

Milliea $45

A lovely piece and I must say it is my most most favourite piece. I thought of having a versatile pendant and it can be reversed around to match 2 different clothings at anytime. This is a 2 in 1 pendant. It can be worn on one side or turned around for different pendant altogether.
My most favourite of all my wiring pieces.

First picture, left is an imported cameo with a goddess and gold flower. Right is a fairy angel with flowers and butterflies.

Easy to match and versatile 2 in 1 pendant.

14k gold plated chains and toggle used which are more lasting and tarnish resistent. Approx:
2.4inches (pendant), 13.5inches (chains)

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