Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fiona $62 (FOC registered postage) (SOLD)
This is a special collection using 925 sterling silver chains and different types of precious stones. I fell in love with this unique chain of oval and dainty feel.
A very classy and elegant piece with vibrant yellow rose with diamantee (handmade by Charlene). I had added sea shell rounds along the chains, rose quartz love (2 sizes), rose quartz water drop faceted and white turquoise ovals.
925 silver chains and clasps used. Approx: 14.5inches (full length)

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Anonymous said...

hi im natalie r u in singapore? been emailing u many times regarding customisation but you never respond! many times already!

CandyPixie said...

Hi Natalie, my apologies if you had emailed me many times and for the earlier lost of emails. I had received your email today and replied you regarding the customization.

Hope to hear from you soon! :)