Friday, April 18, 2008

Garnet Rose $38 (SOLD)

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LOVE IT!!! If peridot & garnet is the colour that you love, this is the one you must get haha!!

A combination of pink and green. I had match these 2 handmade claybeads with sparkle beads of red and tea green (now my fav. beads). This is a 2-in-1 pendant, wear it both sides, so versatile :) ...refer to all my 2-in-1 pendants collection k :) The pendant is reversible and wearable on both sides. Both sides shows different way of matching and theme. One side is a handmade beads cameo and the other side shows a vintage flower and ribbon. Both sides are crystalized with swarovski!!

14k gold plated chains and clasp used. Wires use are imported and of tarnish resistent. Approx: 12inches (chains), 1.5inches (pendant)

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Heidi Ooi said...

Hi Valerie

Please reserve this for me! This piece is very pretty. Hopefully will get to buy it.

Let me know k?


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