Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is a SALE Month and everywhere is having this annual GSS!

Our sale works in two way as shown in the pictures. Do look out for the image and you will know which sale each entry will be entitled to. To my Petals from PetalsClub, do note that 30% will not be applicable in any of the below promotion because the prices are way lower than the discount.

I will be working on new items for this and check them out as they will be up randomly.

Some simple Terms & Conditions do apply and please take note of them.

  • Designs online and limited to this post entry.
  • Transfer to be made within 48 hours to secure the items
  • Not valid with other customization or promotion
  • This sale is on going and expiry date will be updated with further notice
  • Shipping method (Free) as indicated in the image. Upgrade to registered postage at addtional $2.50

:( sorry for the lack of updates due to the busy work week, life and etc... I have made a few items last night I and I will try and see if upload can be made tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi, am wondering if RL2 and Syfornia is taken already?

Will email you again this evening to confirm.



CandyPixie said...

Hi JL,

have mailed you your order. thanks'