Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wings Of Elegance

This is a recent creation done up and I had actually hoard on it myself. I love it alot. A very classy piece and very suitable for function, dining and shopping. a sure piece that will attracts a lot of attention..haha..(I had actually experiment this myself). Photo are taken in different hairstyle to show a better look.

It consists of 14k gold plated butterfly charm, clay pillows, czech pearls, pink topaz drops. If you like this sweet pretty style and design, you may request for a customization on this. But do note that materials will be subject to availability (eg: the claypillows used here is one and only, but I do have an exact piece in smaller size). Price for this piece will be $48. Do enquire within!!!

Email me at to customize a piece!

Photo taken either with the hair bundle up or short hair style.

Photo taken with the hair tied at the side.

Photo taken for long hair ladies and hair let down.


liz said...

any eye candies for tomorrow's fair?

CandyPixie said...

Hi liz,

my apologies that there wont be any eye candies as I was trying to get more time to create more designs as usual. But pls do drop by if possible to view them. :)