Friday, July 11, 2008

Dear sweets,

Time flies...and there had been no updates since the past week. My sincere appreciation to those who had been patiently standing by, giving the support, cheers to me all these while. In case that you had been wondering............. Besides joining alot of events in the past few months, my work life had been the main reason to that too! Till the end of this month, there will be lesser events while anticipating for a major event next month. Well, some of you should had been informed of that ya! :)

I had been busy with work, work and more work but I do make a point to craft a few items each day, just that no time to upload. Good news is that weekend is coming and I will definitely have more time to re-charge and bring more newbies to you....

If you are reading this post, please make a date with me to browse back ya...I wont be able to release the exact time because its not been fixed and I am still making new stuff. Please join my mailing list to avoid disappointment ya...


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