Monday, August 19, 2013

Being a new mum, I often go to malls and major department stores in SG. It is very normal that the baby will cry for milk or changing diapers. And when they are hungry, they cant wait and "Yes" I mean that it has to be immediate else she will cry loudly for it. As I am still breastfeeding my bb, I will search around for in-built nursing room. Some call it "Parents Room" Most of the major malls in SG has revamped with such facilities in their malls.

The most recently visited was Vivocity. They have revamped their toilet corners with in-built nursing room and diaper changing. It was a weekend, all the Parent room are highly occupied with parents waiting to service their bbs. So was I walking around the mall to find a decent place.

I was most impressed by the Parent Room in Takashimaya Department Store. It is very newly built with clean and tidy environment, pastel wall colours that gives a soft touch, well organized. They even have a personalized and friendly attendant taking care of the place. I begin to love going to Takashimaya for shopping because of this reason. Many a times, we will worry that diaper changing or place to breastfeed bb is not available. No fret while shopping in Taka.

It simply gives the parent and mom a stressless and worries-free experience while shopping. SG has started to gives more emphasis on such facility, with malls creating more of such corner.

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