Saturday, March 29, 2008

I felt deeply sadden when I received these comments. Lately, I had been receiving "anonymous" comments indicating few replicas of my designs. I will like to emphasize again that they belonged to me and nobody else. These comments were all about different blog-shops sellers (all of which I had never come across), making me feel that somehow some people are trying to use it as a way to advertise or gain recognition. I had contacted some of the sellers and they do not feel the same. I respect these seller and will not anyhow reveal their names. If you have any queries or feedback, please email me directly (with a legitimate email address) and not keep spamming my mailbox with your "anonymous" comments and other blogshops address.

I will also take this opportunity to explain that this is an avenue for me to extend my creativity and interests onto my handmade crafts etc... If the reason is as such, please do not do it thru such despicable way. Please keep this place a clean and cool place for more fresh creativity for everyone. For strays, please stay away!



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